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輥子維修主管 Roll Maintenance Supervisor
  • 學歷要求: 本科
  • 工作經驗: 5年以上
  • 更新時間: 2019-12-10
  • 招聘人數: 若干
  • 招聘對象: 社會人才
  • 工作地區: 江蘇-無錫市-新區
  • 年齡要求: 不限
Job Duty & Responsibility:
1. Lead the team forward based on company value and policy
2. Encourage and incentive team members according to build up high performance guideline. Train the operators to optimize their skill and knowhow.
3. Keep HSE in first priority, ensure the workshop process and activity are carried out in the safety manner, has obligation to report safety observation and near miss, make related correction together with HSE team
4. Apply daily equipment maintenance according to TPM principle, prepare and maintain machine spare parts in good condition, together with equipment maintenance team for machine preventive maintenance monthly, quarterly, yearly
5. Ensure the use of company asset efficiently, rightfully and carefully. Keep company asset with good condition
6. Ensure the use of raw materials and consumable items efficiently. Keep raw material in good trace in our SAP system
7. Keep and maintain the tools, fixture, parts in good condition according to 5S requirement, encourage and develop related fixture to improve performance
8. Keep working place in good condition and cleaning always to follow 5S principle
9. Follow working instruction and process strictly, keep working records in right condition so quality problem can be traced
10. Report quality case on time and make correction and preventative actions as PDCA requirement
11. Manufacturing efficiency according to given targets. Follow given schedules.
12. Improve team performance through daily management and own leadership
13. Prepare, check, update and maintain own area process instruction and documentation in systematic way.
14. Follow special tasks assigned by your superior.

Job Requirement & Qualification:
1. Bachelor degree or similar level in mechanical engineering or related area.
2. More than 3 years working experience.
3. Mechanical design competence or strong drawing reading skill.
4. Good if have paper machine roll knowledge and experiences.
5. Good if have paper machine knowledge
6. Basic English communication skill
7. Lean and continue improve thinking and better to have lean tools practice
8. Strong problem solving ability and leadership
9. Willing to be a team leader
10. Like to take challenge in high performance driven orientation team
11. Teamwork spirit, proactive, open minded

職位類別: 生產經理/車間主任

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  • 公司規模:100 - 499人
  • 公司性質:外商獨資
  • 所屬行業:機械設備
  • 所在地區:江蘇-無錫市-新區
  • 公司主頁:
  • 聯系人:hr
  • 手機:
  • 郵箱:會員登錄后才可查看
  • 郵政編碼:214028
  • 地址:江蘇無錫新區漢江路2號
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